Vim bindings for Jupyter Lab cells: Installing the Extension

I’ve recently discovered the joy of Vim. And indeed, it does increase my coding speed (if that’s even a thing 🤔). Thanks to the jupyterlab-vim project, you can also get “:neckbeard: Vim notebook cell bindings for JupyterLab”

To install this JupyterLab extension, activate the appropriate conda environment, then check if Node.js is installed

conda list | grep node

If you get an empty output, then it means that node isn’t installed. But if your output is something like the one below, you can skip installing node — because you already have it.

nodejs                    10.13.0              he6710b0_0    anaconda

To install Node.js using conda, use:

conda install -c anaconda nodejs --yes

Now you’re ready to install JupyterLab extensions. Run the following command to install JupyterLab Vim

jupyter labextension install jupyterlab_vim