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Keyboard Shortcut for 'Run All Cells' in Jupyter Lab

Mastering keyboard shortcuts would likely make you more productive. This is the reason I use Vim bindings in JupyterLab.

Oftentimes, when running experiments, you’ll find yourself restarting the kernel and running all Jupyter cells. Fortunately, JupyterLab the ships with a keyboard shortcut (i.e. 0, 0) to Restart Kernel amongst others.

To define your own keyboard shortcut for running all cell, you can use the approach recommended by Ran Feldesh on StackOverflow.

Basically, all you have to do is to open the Keyboard Shortcut section in your Advanced Settings Editor

In the top menu, go to: Settings » Advanced Settings Editor » Keyboard Shortcuts

Then, paste this code in the User Preferences window:

    "shortcuts": [
            "command": "runmenu:run-all",
            "keys": [
            "selector": "[data-jp-kernel-user]:focus"

Finally, save your changes on the top right of the user-preferences window.

I tend to repeat this process for every new machine I work on, hence I’ve written it here as a reminder to my future self. Thanks for the tip, Ran Feldesh 🔥.